Crafted with consideration. Created with class. Wigston Green
Estates is artistry in architecture. Harnessing the beauty and allure
of Thornhill and the award-winning craftsmanship of Remington
Homes, Wigston Green is an estate collection unlike any other.
Combining modern innovation with architectural brilliance and
the finest in traditional craftsmanship, Wigston Estates is of a
different pedigree. Surrounded by the best of Thornhill and
featuring dramatic and spacious 60-foot and 80-foot lots, each
one of the 17 exceptional estates offers you a unique landscape.
Located just south of Bathurst and Hwy. 407 on Flamingo Road,
Wigston is ideally located to amenities, major highways and ample
greenspace. Immerse yourself in luxury living at Wigston Estates.

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Site Plan Updated March 2017